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Chicken Shawarma and Rice Bowl

Beef Shawarma Fries

Beef Shawarma + French fries + creamy garlic + Tahini + Fresh Parsley + Onions + Mix pickles (Turnips/cucumber) + Tomatoes + Cucumber.

Chicken Shawarma fries

Chicken Shawarma + French fries + creamy garlic + parsley + onions + Mix pickles + Tomatoes + Cucumber + A drizzle of Tahini Sauce.

Falafel Plate

Six pieces of falafel served with a well-seasoned long-grain basmati rice. It comes with tahini sauce or hummus (your choice), and a salad with mixed veggies and pickles.

Juicy Egyptian Kofta Kabob Plate

Two skewers of famous Egyptian kofta kabob (beef). Char-broiled to perfection. Cooked fresh to order. It comes with yellow basmati rice, hummus, and Arabian salad with turnip pickles.

Chicken Kabob Plate

Two of our chicken kabob skewers with roasted onions and mild red pepper. Served with yellow basmati rice, Creamy Garlic, salad, and one deluxe toasted pita.

Tantalizing Tahini: Halal Delights

Tantalizing Tahini: Halal Delights
Indulge in creamy tahini drizzled over falafel, or try our tahini-marinated grilled chicken. Our halal menu features tahini-infused hummus and tahini dressing on fresh salads. Savor the rich, nutty flavor of tahini in our traditional Middle Eastern dishes. Experience the authentic taste of tahini at our restaurant today.

Convenient Pickup and Delivery for Halal Cuisine

Convenient Pickup and Delivery for Halal Cuisine
Savor our halal cuisine at home with convenient pickup and delivery options. Indulge in our succulent lamb kebabs, flavorful falafel wraps, and creamy hummus. Order online for hassle-free delivery or swing by for quick pickup. Enjoy the authentic taste of tahini and more, wherever you are.

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