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Falafel Plate

Six pieces of falafel served with a well-seasoned long-grain basmati rice. It comes with tahini sauce or hummus (your choice), and a salad with mixed veggies and pickles.

Beef Kabob Plate (Filet Mignon)

Two of our all beef tenderloin (filet mignon) kabob skewers with roasted onions and mild red pepper. Served with yellow basmati rice, hummus, and salad.

Lamb Kabob Plate (Tenderloin)

Two of our all Lamb tenderloin kabob skewers with roasted onions and mild red pepper. Served with yellow basmati rice, hummus, and salad, and Pita bread.

Half Egyptian Kofta Kabob / Half Chicken Kabob

Our Juicy Egyptian Kofta Kabob (1 skewer) combined with Our citrus marinated Chicken Kabob (1 Skewer) served with Yellow Basmati Rice, Hummus, Arabian Salad, and a deluxe toasted pita (1 piece).

Chicken Kabob Plate

Two of our chicken kabob skewers with roasted onions and mild red pepper. Served with yellow basmati rice, Creamy Garlic, salad, and one deluxe toasted pita.

Half Egyptian Kofta Kabob/Half Steak Kabob (Filet Mignon)

Our Kofta Kabob combined with Steak Kabob. Served with Yellow Basmati Rice, Hummus, Salad, one deluxe toasted pita.

Juicy Egyptian Kofta Kabob Plate

Two skewers of famous Egyptian kofta kabob (beef). Char-broiled to perfection. Cooked fresh to order. It comes with yellow basmati rice, hummus, and Arabian salad with turnip pickles.

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Each dish is crafted with the finest and freshest ingredients, bringing the authentic taste of the Middle East and Mediterranean to your table.

Come and try our authentic Middle East and Mediterranean dishes. Inspired by travel and a passion for different cultures, The Don Kabob has a vast menu of Chicken/Beef Shawarma Arabic Meals, Kabob wraps, bowls, plates, and fries. The Don Kabob utilizes the healthiest and freshest ingredients to bring homemade Middle East and Mediterranean dishes to the American Table.

Craving something hearty and delicious? Our Beef Shawarma Arabic Meal is a popular choice, packed with flavors that will leave you satisfied. Or come try our Chicken Shawarma Arabic meal, another one of our customer's favorites. If you're looking for a vegetarian option, our Falafel is a must-try – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

🍗 Why wait? Experience the best Middle East and Mediterranean cuisine in Victorville today. Order online for delivery or takeout, or visit us for a dine-in experience you won't forget. The Don Kabob is here to serve you delicious meals whenever and wherever you want.

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Order From Our Website
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🍢 Welcome to The Don Kabob! 🍢

 🍢 Welcome to The Don Kabob! 🍢
Located at 11604 Amargosa Road 3, Victorville, CA, The Don Kabob brings the best of Mediterranean cuisine to your table. Our menu features Premium Halal Black Angus Beef, Premium Halal Chicken, Beef Shawarma Arabic Meal, Chicken Shawarma Arabic Meal, and Falafel. We focus on high-quality ingredients, traditional recipes, healthy and fresh dishes ensuring every meal is a delightful experience.

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This place is a hidden gem in the desert! Everything is always so fresh! They use authentic spices and herbs to flavor the food to perfection 👌. Combine that with the open flame and rotisserie, it's a culinary masterpiece. It's leaves every bite you take bursting with flavor. The staff is very friendly too. They also have baklava fresh. This place is so good, you have to try it if you're in the area.

Richard L.

Richard L.

First time here, and it was a delight! I had the chicken kabob plate, and it was delicious. The owner was so helpful explaining the dishes and service very friendly. Definitely will be going back.

Nancy J.

Nancy J.

Could not stop eating this! Everything is made fresh, and I mean everything. The tzatziki sauce is amazing. This family owned place is competing with all the restaurants on Restaurant Row, and they’re doing it with a fraction of the people. Best food I’ve had in awhile

Nick L.

Nick L.

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